How Can I Stop My Boiler from Losing Pressure

24th October 2023

Dealing with a boiler that loses pressure can be a cause for concern, as it can affect the system's proper functioning and potentially damage your home. At Home Heating Services, we understand the importance of quickly identifying and addressing this issue to ensure your boiler's and property's safety.

One common cause of pressure loss is water leakage within the system. However, detecting these leaks can be challenging due to the complex nature of modern plumbing. While most pipework is hidden, leaks often occur at visible joints or fixtures, such as where supply pipes connect to radiators. Look for signs such as flaking paint, rust marks, or water stains on the ceiling below. If you suspect a leak, it's crucial to have it examined and repaired by a professional.

If there are no visible leaks, the pressure loss may be due to a fault within the boiler. Modern combi-boilers typically use a filling-loop system to maintain water pressure. Consult your boiler's operating manual to determine if it's safe to re-pressurize it. If so, follow the instructions carefully. Identify the filling-loop and pressure gauge, turn off the boiler, adjust the filling-loop handles, and monitor the pressure gauge to avoid over-pressurizing. If you accidentally over-pressurize, bleeding your radiators can help reduce the pressure.

Once you have finished the re-pressurizing procedure, please observe if the boiler maintains pressure. If it does, the problem is likely resolved. However, if the issue continues, it's best to seek the assistance of a qualified engineer to diagnose and address any underlying faults.

At Home Heating Services, we provide reliable advice and solutions for boiler-related issues. Don't hesitate to contact our experienced team for professional assistance and peace of mind.

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